The Story Behind The Sketchbook 

Have you imagined coming upon an artist attic? Boxes of sketches, piles of drawings, paintings hanging, art everywhere. 

The Sketchbook is James Langley's attic.  

For twenty-five years, James Langley has been producing sketches, paintings, and drawings, which will now be available to you through The Page.   

Each "Page" will be an original James Langley. Not only original, unique. Unframed, signed, truly right out of James' sketchbooks. 

Every week a new page from James Langley's sketchbooks will be released to the public and put up for sale.  

Will it be a watercolour? A nude? Graphite? A female? Male? Will it be post card size? Or letter size?

To find out, check back every week or join the mailing list to be notified each week.